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Slide show

Photographies with music? why not! By subject and a quarter of hour max, they let you discover pictures by an atypical way. Tell me your opinion!

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Hautes-Alpes during low seasons

Hautes-Alpes landscapes during low seasons, months when tourists have not arrived yet. A charming spring and an amazing autumn

Mountain lakes

Mountain Mirors are often our ride goal. As varied as lively, they gives us unforgettable landscapes.

A rainbow vision

Quite often, a photographie have a predominant color. Let’s play with it and recreate a rainbow with Rhône Alpes and Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur views.

Piegut, a village to discover

Marion meet me in Piegut streets and asked me: "When will you show us your Piegut’s pictures?" The slide show idea was born ! A few month later, we made a evening in the village hall.

Crozon peninsula in Bretagne

15 days in Crozon peninsula, you have to decribe it! Bretagne houses and small bays indenting the coasts, cloudy skys, colored beaches. You can’t be uninspiring!