Landscape photographer. Rhône-Alpes and Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur
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  • Photographie of the month

    One of my picture in a magazine, April and May 2014


    I can’t go out without a camera for ten years ! So, I never tire of photographing the mountains that make my environment. Having lived mostly in the Rhone-Alpes and Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur, you will find many landscapes and even slide shows! If you like Clarée Valley, Queyras, Ecrins or Vercors: These clumps are my favorite playground. Come and discover them through my lens!

    You will also find some seaside landscape: Brittany and the Mediterranean are also magical places for me.

    Laurence TERRAS-MAUBOUSSIN, Photographer

  • Présentation

    Younger, I wasn’t aware of nature’s beauty, but I did like to draw and paint what the other artists or photographers offered us on holidays postcards.

    Later, When I started to go on excursions, the beauty of landscapes amazed me: small details, flowers lines and wildlife. "few are the opportunities to realize what the world offers to us". I wanted to describe other people what I had seen, to come back with memories and feelings in my pocket.

    Each place, Each season gives us a different sight, a unique gift. There are so much various subjects. But, is it so easy to carry those magical feelings with us? The clouds are moving quickly. Shades are fleeting and a photograph, inspired by a special moment will only be able to catch the moment just next. The best I can do, is always try to progress, in order to try to make people feel a piece of this happiness that made me take the picture.

  • About my Camera and stuffs !

    My Camera appareil and my lens

    - Nikon D90 (to make movies) NIKON D80 - Fuji s602 zoom (for the oldest pictures)
    - Nikkor 18-200 VR F 3.5/5.6
    - Nikkor 300 F4
    - Sigma 17 70 F 2.8/5.6
    - Samyang 85 F1.4
    - Tokina 16-50 F.2.8

    My accessories

    - Gradual Gray filter Cokin 120 L (ND2)
    - Gradual Gray filter Cokin 120 (ND4)
    - Gradual Gray filter Cokin 121 (ND8)
    - Polariser filter Cokin
    - Gray filter Cokin ND8
    - Gray filter Cokin ND4
    - Velbon tripod 545 ( Carbon : Light to carry and small! )

    and also

    - An early riser temper
    - A cool brother who take me on his tractor to shot bee-eater flights... (Essential!)


Any questions, tell me few comments... or you’d like to get to know me more. You would like to get informations about availables exhibitions, to give a slide show party to to celebrate an event? I’ll send you a reply as soon as possible !